Monday, July 29, 2013

slowly but surely..

 Another picture of my handspun yarn. I'm in the process of looking for the perfect pattern to match the yarn. 
Below are my projects of the week. I'm inching my way through the Elisa sweater. This has become my break room knitting project at work, which means I only complete a few rows a day.
 The little Owlie sleep sack is moving along. I usually knit on this when I'm in other areas of my house other than my usual knitting spot. I have to hurry up and finish this and start the hat.
 This past spring I took a wonderful trip to the Seattle Washington area and have decided to move there with my sons to see if I want to live there permanently. This move is coming up fast. My tickets are for August 26th and I have a lot of planning and packing to do. My daughter and her family will be living in my house in Florida so I just have to pack what I will be using on a daily basis which of course means yarn, books and needles. I may ship one of my spinning wheels also. So now I'm in a rush to finish some projects that have been sitting around so I will be able to pack some sweaters instead of lots of yarn. 

Below is my Lady Lovelace sweater that I started  some time in the spring and all that is left are the sleeves. I'm hoping to finish knitting this some time this week. I was moving along at a good rate last night when on row 21 of the sleeve chart there was one stitch too many on each end and instead of looking to see if there was errata I ripped back and reworked the chart 2 times! I then looked up other peoples projects on ravelry and found out that there is a mistake in the graft and other knitters used a few different methods to fix the issue. It would have been nice for the designer to add this on the pattern page. It would have saved me and hour or so of time as I would have known that there was an issue from the beginning. Oh well.. figured that out and now I'm knitting on.

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