Sunday, August 18, 2013

on and off the needles!

 Knitting my fingers off... I finished the Owlie baby sleep sack and matching hat that will be a gift for a baby due in January. I still have to knit the blanket. I was hoping to finish the blanket before my move but time is speeding by and it doesn't seem like it's going to happen. So I'll have to ship the yarn..
Below is my progress on my Elisa sweater. I'm so close to completing this sweater. I finished one from lace panels yesterday and just have the other one and the sleeves to finish. I'm hoping to finish this before I leave also and have it packed for my trip. If not it will be my project for the plane trip. The more I work on this sweater the more I like it. I especially love the drape and feel of the yarn. I think this will end up being a favorite.

 This is a quick project that I'm also hoping to finish up before I leave. Hahaha I'm very ambitious. This is a button up cowl for one of my managers. If I don't get to finish this, it will also be a trip project that I will have to ship later. I hope I finish it!
Yay a finished project! I can now pack this for the colder weather. It fits just right and is nice and cozy. This is the Ladylove Lace sweater from I still haven't figured out what buttons  to use or a closure. A quick trip to Joanns will fix that. I have never made so many sweaters for myself as I have this year. Maybe because I never really had a need to wear them in Florida. So nice that I will be warm and cozy in the Seattly area. (^_^)

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