Friday, August 30, 2013

New beginnings

I finally finished this sweater. I just under took a big move across the country  which is probably why it took me so long.   That is also the reason for the bad picture. Im also blogging from my phone. 
Because y computer is not set up yet. Right now it is wet and blocking on a towel.
My sweet little grandson's that I left behind in Florida. I miss them a lot. 
The first day in Seattle we ate at a Korean BBQ . Yummy 
My first view of the city. It was a really long trip. It included 2 plane rides, 2 train rides, and 2 bus rides. Then a trip to trader joes for groceries and necessities. I still feel tired. Maybe because of the time change. This must be mega jet lag. I start my new job tomorrow so I'm pretty excited about that. In the mean time I get to start a new project today. (^_^)

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