Sunday, January 05, 2014

A new year...

 Here are the last of our Christmas presents that arrived in the mail. My grandkids picked out all my presents this year and they were so thoughtful. I got a necklace the color of the ocean and some warm fleece pj's to keep me warm. My daughter canned some yummy pear and apple sauce. There were some canned pears but they broke. :(
 Progress on my sweater.. The length is perfect and all that is left are five rows of garter stitch. Today I hope to start the sleeves or the cowl neck. I'm using three different colors of Lion Brand Amazing yarn starting with the lightest color at the top to the darkest color at the bottom. I will do the same with the sleeves and the cowl. I want to make the sleeves long enough to make thumb holes so that they will be like fingerless gloves. This sweater will be my at home cozy warm sweater.
 A picture of my beautiful granddaughter. She is getting so big and lovely. <3
This little fox is something I whipped up as a present for my niece for Christmas. The pattern for this will be available soon. I will let you know when I publish it.

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