Sunday, May 11, 2014

ASweater story...

 After unraveling the sweater I found at the thrift store I started this little sweater for my grand daughter. She wanted a navy sweater for summer. The yarn is a very light cotton acrylic blend. I have basically stopped all other knitting and have been solely working on this little sweater. The pattern name is Leksak and I'm making a longer cardigan. I started the project on April 29th.
 My favorite type of sweater to knit is exactly this.. a top down one piece raglan.
 As you can see it is progressing pretty quickly. I'm worried about the size. The gauge is right on.. I'm just wondering if the chest sizing is a little small. I'm knitting size 8. I always find it hard to knit for someone when they are now able to try it on at different stages for sizing. I love the way the sweater is connected at the neck.
 Knitting on the way to work and at work and on the way home from work.
 This is where I am at today. After doing the usual laundry and day off stuff I plan on watching "The Paradise" and spending the evening knitting away.
 A beautiful walk to work. The trees at filling out and flowers are blooming. (^_^)
Next the finished sweater!

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