Tuesday, May 20, 2014

keeping busy

 A happy little girl with her new sweater. I think it just fits.. so I'll have to make the next size bigger for her next time. 
Thrift store finds. I found these beauties on my last trip there. The two aqua sweaters are vintage old navy with the old labels they don't use anymore. The middle sweater is so nice I may not unravel it. It is size small and fits.
 Spotted these beautiful plants walking to Trader Joes on Sunday. I have never seen plants this color.
 I cast on this sweater right after I finished the little blue sweater and it hasn't gotten very far. Every few rows I make a mistake and have to rip it back. The yarn is recycled cotton/linen blend and feels really nice with nice drape, so I rip and knit on.  Some day it will be the oriel lace cardigan. I had high hopes of finishing this fast, but I now see this isn't going to happen.
 More WIP.
 I'm finding that unraveling sweaters is a good stress relief. It had kind of gotten addicting. Both of these yarns are cotton acrylic blends with a little rabbit hair. So soft.
 A picture of my beautiful daughter who had grow into a beautiful women. She is going through some hard times right now. I will be returning to Florida for the summer to help out and will hopefully be able to make it back to Washington before fall to start school and continue to make a better life for myself. Back to the heat.. sigh.

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