Wednesday, September 24, 2014

hints of Autumn...

 Love this local little coffee stop. There are a lot of these independent coffee shops locally. This one is on the way to the thrift store where I found a bag full of granny squares just ready to put be put together. I think I am just going to make a blanket with them for the grand-kids.
 My progress on my scarf. I purchased this yarn at a local yarn shop. I'm actually farther along than this picture and only have two more center lace squares to go before I have to sew the ends together and it will be finished!
 Hints of autumn.
 The first cool misting morning on my way to work. Lots of anti hair frizzing gel in my future.
 Up with the birds and saw this pretty sunrise from my window. Soon it will be really dark in the mornings again. I am still working on my crochet sweater except I had to rip it out twice so it is smaller than it was in the picture in my last post... sigh..

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