Saturday, November 29, 2008

The dreaded black Friday!!

Well I survied the last few days of retail frenzy.. and I don't use the word frenzy loosely..I had to work on Thanksgiving for a few hours in the evening.. and ended up not having any thanksgiving dinner because Rudy thought he would have the day off but ended up having to work the whole day.. so we never saw each other.. anyway all the Thanksgiving shoppers were in a jolly mood.. some even thanked me for working on Thanksgiving.. the doors of Michaels opened and there was a mad rush of customers coming through the doors.. headed towards the critcut cartridges where the swarm seemed to settle..and hover.. no one could beat Michaels price of $29.99...So many happy customers...
Well .. I went to sleep with happy thoughts.. my alarm went off at 4:15am.. rushed off to Michaels again... the dreaded black friday... no mad rush just a steady flow of people... today no happy people..just a few maybe.. even some rude people...( maybe they didn't get to have turkey on Thanksgiving dinner either)..I had some customers come to my register from the UK and said..."may I ask what Thanksgiving day is.. is it a discount shopping day ... so I had to explain about the pilgrams and such.. and they looked even more confused ... and were happy about the sales and good prices anyway..

So the day went on.. my shift was over.. I finally met Rudy and we
finally went and ate our Turkey dinner.. it tasted just as good.. maybe better..(I could sure go for some more turkey and all the fixings again today!!).. We had a little time to kill before I had to be at DSW .. so we did some black Friday shopping too.. not much.. here is my damage..!! 3 sweaters and a new pair of comfy shoes..

I dont know why but this picture keeps loading sideways.. anyway here is a little black Friday knitting... my chococate hat and my new comfy shoes... today I get to finish up the hat.. add some ears and eyes.. hopefully later w will get some times to go and look at all the gingerbread houses and the chocolate villages at some of the disney hotels near downtown disney..(^-^).. just the smell is worth the visit..!!!..(Did I tell you I love my new shoes!!)

Monday, November 24, 2008

not another hat!!

Yes sorry to say ... another hat.. and it wont be the last.. I already have another hat on the needles.
This hat was knit with Bernat Alpaca, natural blends. Here is the pattern just in case you need to knit one up.. this is a very fast project knit on size 9 needles... next up is a Chococat hat................ I don't know if you will see me again until after the weekend. I work 2 retail jobs and the next 4 days will probably be some of the busiest days we have had all year... I will be at Michaels 6am the day after Thanksgiving.. so I plan to get as much rest as a I can inbetween work this week.. Sounds like a week of work and knitting.. and sleeping.. !!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

it's ELMO!!!

Fast little projects seem to be all I have time for lately.. I finished this today for Jayden.. he loves elmo and the weather in Florida has been chilly this week. I wanted to finished it fast so he could wear it while we the weather is still cool.. The yarn I used was some left over phildar lenox superwash wool from my stash..I used a basic crochet hat pattern and altered it a little to fit his head and just crocheted shortened balls for the eyes and nose..

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

jack is back..

I have had a little jack ket chain for awhile and its kind of beat up.. but I didn't want to part with it.. so I decided to knit a new one.. I think it turned out pretty good..
I used size 3 needles and bernat baby soft yarn..

I finally finished this anime baby hat .. It seems like I have been working on it for ever.. I had a pretty busy work week this week and didn't have a lot of knitting time... I basically have been squeezing in a few rows on my breaks... I finally finished the last ear at the INOKissimmee meeting last night.. woo hoo... we actually had a fun meeting and and heard some wonderful news.. Gratz Jody..!!

A big surpise for me...I received this as gift..!!! WoW Wrath of the Lich King.. the collectors addition.. I nice way to relax after work.. (^_^)!!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Well finally!!! ..I finished the modernist stripe sleep sack.. woo hooo.. I experienced a little bias twisting on this.. I have never had that happen with plied yarn before. I still have to wash it and lay it flat to dry.. maybe that will help a little... I have also been working on this little baby bonnet.. It took me a few days to sew up the sleep sack and there were times when I couldn't work on it and just needed a little fast knitting project.. I need to make a few hats both for the new baby and for Jayden and Abby..and of course some baby socks.. I hope to finish the bonnet before I head out to work today..(^_^)

Monday, November 10, 2008


Michael's just got this yarn in the other the patons stretch sock yarn..I need black for a pair of socks I'm making for Christmas so was happy that I didn't have to go very far.. the 50% coupon also helped.. (^_^)

After hearing for months to cut back on caffeine, eliminate coffee, blah blah blah, etc.. I read this.. Yay.. I love my morning cup of coffee..

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Just a note..

A quick little post just to let anyone who's interested know that today Michaels craft stores are having a yarn event. It wont be like it used to be .. but they will still have Warm UP America.. so anyone that is interested in making or sewing up the knit/crochet blocks into blankets for charity .. head on over to your local Michaels. (^_^)

This wild flower/weed is growing in a reserve next to my house.. I have no idea what it is.. but it's turning all fluffy..

Knitting progress... the knitting is done on the sleep sacque and it is almost all sewn together. I needed a quick take along project so I started knitting a baby hat.. more on that tomorrow.. I'm about to run to work.. (^_^)

Monday, November 03, 2008

yes.. the sleep sack again!!

Making progress on my baby sleep sacque.. I worked early yesterday at DSW so I was actually able to make the Orlando Knit Wits meeting yesterday afternoon. For some reason even though it's only a 2 hour meeting I seem to get a lot of knitting done. I was able to finish the body and tuck in all the yarn ends plus start the sleeve.. I'm up to the sleeve shaping and I'm almost done.
..and of course I'm looking at my next project.. this is the Christmas knitting count down .. and I don't have one Christmas project knit yet..I think I will have to settle for hats and mittens this year.. I don't think at this point there is time for anything else...and of course a couple toddler sweaters.. I'm sure I can get 2 finished at least and the yearly Christmas socks for the bf.. and possibly 2 easy shrugs..omy..!!