Monday, August 31, 2009

wips of the week..

Progress on the socks is slow. I have only been knitting a few rows here and there so it takes a while to add up... but it has added up to the point where I start the heal gusset.. ( I keep saying that) Anyway I might work on them a little today. We are still experiencing AC issues here and yesterday when I got home from work it was 90 degrees in the house. I seems we have a leak somewhere probably under the ground. The AC guy recharge the AC until he can come back on Saturday to fix it. After sitting in the house for 4 hours until he was able to come.. I felt really drained from the heat.. I still feel a bit fatigued today.
A few days ago I started the Leaf Motif Jacket(this link isn't that good. The picture is in the private lives section at the end) that is in the fall 2009 issue of Vogue Knitting magazine. I started out thinking I was going to use up all my left over yarn, but once I started knitting it I decided just to go out and purchase enough yarn to finish it in the plum and black. I'll make something else with the other 2 colors I have left. This will hopefully be my winter jacket this season. DSW has some beautiful boots and shoes in just that color plum.. huummm...

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Bonnie said...

Can't wait to see how your leaf jacket turns out. The plum color is beautiful!