Saturday, November 28, 2009

plugging along...

Man I'm knitting so slow... I think I was exhausted from all the company and was actually too tired to knit after work this week. I picked this up two days ago and have been knitting a row here and there. ( I added the picture of the concept sweater below.) This needs to be finished by Christmas which it coming really fast. I'm using a stretch yarn for this and it looks like the sizing is good. I just need to get knitting. Thank goodness I have a knitting machine for some of the other Christmas presents I have to knit before Christmas. I have off on Monday and plan to work on the pattern for the simple lace scarf that I knit on the machine. (a few posts ago) I plan to make 2 more Simple lace scarves as gifts. My economic situation is actually worse than it was last year so all I can give this year is stuff that I can knit up from the stash and a few jewelry pieces from my bead stash. That means I have to get really creative for the guys in my family and there are a lot. While I think about.. I'll use the time to put in a few more rows before work.. (^_^)

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Nana Mary said...

Oh Adrienne, I will pray for speed of your needles and also for your knitting machines.
I think you will surprise yourself on what you come up with for the men in your family!
We have had homemade Christmases and they turned out just fine. Imagination was definitely our best tool but love was definitely in all the gifts. I hope yours is the same!