Tuesday, November 03, 2009

yay the cast off!!

Finally... these socks are all ready for the cast off. They were started on August 12th, but these were my traveling around project so I only worked on them here and there. Now I have to start the next pair of socks in earnest because they are part of my Christmas knitting list. I hope I can complete them before Christmas. This last month I've been cleaning out and getting ready for all the family to arrive. My son arrived about a week ago and has been helping me move and organize stuff so that everyone will have a place to sleep. There will be 7 adults and 3 little ones and all should be here by this coming Tuesday. As we were cleaning old stuff out of the garage my daughter suggested that I could paint some furniture that was given to here and use it. So on top of all the organizing I'm trying to refinish a tv cabinet and desk in like 2 days. I painted all day yesterday and put the second coat on this morning. It's all drying or rather is probably dry and ready for the top coat. I should probably go and do that now. Later this evening is my knitting group.. I might just cast off my socks there and start the next pair. Did I say I was also knitting a little cable sweater for Abby.. omy!!


Yuliana said...

Oh my,...you sounded very busy.
That cabinet looks really good.

Nana Mary said...

Enjoy your time with your family! Cuddle alot with the little ones and let them wait on you a little. You deserve it!

BTW-the socks look great.