Wednesday, December 02, 2009

almost finished...

Thanks to my knitting group last night I got some knitting time in on this sweater and I'm a few rows away from completion. This yarn is behaving a little weird and seems to be piling already. The yarn is Schoeleer+stahl Merino Stretch. 44% merino wool and 43% acylic. Good thing it's a stretch yarn because this sweater is sized very fitted. Hopefully I will finish this today and start the hat. For the last 2 days I've been working on the pattern for the machine lace scarf. All the notes and pictures and charts are ready. I just have to put them all together. I need a little assistance with the program I'm using so I'll have to wait until my son has time to fiddle with it. Probably tomorrow. He has been busy selling some vintage stuff on Ebay including some vintage stuffed toys that were laying around. We had a couple of rare items..0.0..
Also some time in the next week I would like to get my Christmas tree up and the house decorated.. hummm..

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