Wednesday, February 10, 2010

fiber love

After carding and spinning up the loaded batt I was excited to see how it would knit up and wanted to find a pattern that didn't use much yardage. The first place I looked was on my ravelry queue and there is was.. the Juliet lace scarf. It requires only 125 yards of yarn. The yarn is knitting up light and soft with a nice drape (probably from the bamboo) and as I knit there is a very light halo of soft angora fibers blooming. I like the little nubs of bamboo and shinny bits of tencel. If I could improve this yarn it would be to add a little more spin on the singles. I tend to under spin some times. Other than that I'm very happy with the yarn and the project.

Last night I was playing with more fiber.. I decided to spin this batt up too..


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What a lovely pattern for your handspun!