Thursday, February 04, 2010

so patriotic!!!

One of my managers at work is going to NY in a week or so and she went shopping for a hat, scarf and mittens for her 5 year old son but there were non to be found in any store. We had a cold front here in Florida and everyone ran to the stores and bought everything up. So she had asked me if I could knit her a set for her son. To save her money I used what I had here. She said his coat was blue, so anything in red or blue would work. I happened to have one ball each of red, blue and natural wool ease in the stash. This is what became of it. I knit the hat and scarf on the knitting machine and the mittens by hand. I didn't realize it would turn out so patriotic..Oh well.
As far as any knitting today.... I decided to knit something for spring that I could wear a tee shirt under for work..I have yarn to make the waterlily top from the Spring 2006 issue of Interweave knits and thought Ok.. I wanted to make that last year and didn't get around to it.. I got the yarn out and looked for the magazine.. which wasn't there on the book shelf with all the other Interweave knit and crochet magazines.. so I started looking in all the obvious and not so obvious places.. no Spring 2006 issue.. I looked some more .. re looked in all the same places.. no Spring 2006 issue.. it is now 2 hours later and I give up. Maybe I'll just purchase that one pattern from the Interweave web site.. or maybe that's a sign that I shouldn't knit the top at all.. 0.o'


Bonnie said...

What a great set for a little boy! I really like the star buttons on the hat. You are so sweet to make those for him!

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

I can't wait to get pictures back of him wearing them..