Saturday, November 06, 2010

sleepy boy..

 Someone was really tired and fell asleep while watching a show. I couldn't resist taking a picture. At the same time I was working on finishing his sweater. For some reason I have been just inching my way through this sweater which should have been finished already. After my family visited it seems I haven't really sat down to knit. I guess I went on a little knitting vacation too. This is not the time of year that I should be going on a knitting vacation though... it's time to get the holiday knitting finished. I hopefully will get started after I finish this sweater because my list is rather ambitious. Anyway I'm on the last sleeve and all that is left is the 2 from edges and sewing in a zipper. Our Florida weather decided to change all at once from near 90 to the 60's and colder at night and Jayden could use this nice warm sweater. I have off today and plan to put some time into it.
 Maybe it was from all the excitement of going to the Harry Potter Theme park and Epcots food and wine festival.

 Or maybe from having all the little ones here.
 Or the change in seasons.. isn't Hagrids house awesome!! I love the change in seasons here... cooler weather is so welcome after all the months of hot sticky weather. Even the sky looks prettier. Time to do some serious knitting. Or maybe it's time to set up the knitting machine. 0.0

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