Wednesday, March 09, 2011

a fiber day

Today was a good day to play with fiber. There was half of a batt of purple hand dyed fleece left to spin, so I finished that. I tried a little core spinning in some spots which gave it a little texture. After I finished spinning I felt like throwing a bunch of fibers on the drum carder mixing it with some chenille yarn bits. It came out a little light so I repeated the whole process and made two batts which I'm setting aside. I plan to practice a little core spinning with a batt that hasn't sold on my etsy shop. It's called Garbage picker, named that because I used the little pile of  fibers that I clean off the drum carder. It's rather ugly, but will be interesting to see what the yarn will look like. Maybe I'll name the new batt Celebrate or Party time. (^_^)

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