Friday, March 25, 2011

March projects!!

 March is almost over already. Little by little I'm feeling more like crafting. Crochet seems to be more attractive to me right now with hot weather right around the corner. It's already in the upper 80's here. I even splurged and purchased two magazines. With all the magazines available, each with beautiful projects, I'm trying to be selective and only purchase the magazines with projects that I  actually want to make. Over the years I have accumulated a pretty big collection of both books and magazines, some very useful and some not. The two I ended up with are Spin Off and Interweave Crochet.
One of the projects that I have wanted to make for a while is a Japanese crochet pattern for a pretty camisole. Abby's birthday is coming up in May and I thought this would be so cute for a 5 year old. She likes green and yellow and green is so pretty for spring.  I can just see her running around in this. Hopefully I have given myself enough time to complete it.
 In my last post I mentioned that I wanted to practice a little core spinning. Here is the result. Not pretty hahah.. I see more practicing in the future for me.


craftlover said...

I agree that crochet work is great for summer .. as they usually have lacy outcome. Yours is very well done so far and I love those lacy stuffs... :) keep it up!!

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...