Monday, April 18, 2011

Mixing up the fiber!!

 Mixing up up some fun fiber batts for my etsy shop. The first one is called Fly Fishing. The little bits of novelty yarn reminded me of fishing flys. This batt is colonial, merino, bamboo, tencil and all kinds of glittery stuff and wool yarn bits. It most definitely will make an interesting yarn.

 The second batt is also an art batt. I called this one Stary Night 2. This one is a mixture of colonial wool, BFL, mohair, angora, bamboo, all that glittery stuff and yarn bits that have a paper feel to them. I love the shades of blue and aqua in this batt. I'll have to make another one  so I can spin it, probably as a core spun yarn. I just have to see what the yarn will look like. Both of these batts are listed at my esty shop. TheHoboKnit shop. I'm working towards adding a few more patterns and new yarn very shortly. (^_^)

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