Wednesday, April 27, 2011

project updates..

 Abby looks so pretty in the top I embellished for her. I think she likes it. I was looking at all the picture of the grand kids and they have all grown so much. I'm missing a picture of Cameron only because I don't have a good one of him. At 2 years old he can't keep still long enough I think.

 So I have actually been working on my projects. I picked this shrug up again and finally decided on a crochet edging. This is my pattern Little Black Shrug. The original has a knitted edging and I'm working on some mods for a crochet edging. I really didn't want something too frilly because then you become limited on what you can wear it with so I choose something more linear in look. For some reason this shrug looks totally like something out of the seventies. Maybe it's just the colors. I've been working on both crochet projects a little before and after work while watching some Korean dramas. I just finished watching Secret Garden.. yes all 20 episodes! So I think I'm taking a little Korean drama break. If you have never watched a Korean drama I suggest that you don't start. They are very addicting. More updates to follow soon.

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