Friday, August 03, 2012

summer storms..

 The daily summer storm.. they seem to be getting more violent lately.
 This past week I started a few projects, finished one and still knitting others. Oh my.
first is another ruffle scarf. For this one I'm using Red Heart Sashay. The mesh is a little smaller than on my other scarf but it has a lighter feel. These will probably end up as Christmas gifts. They are on the list of mindless knitting although picking up the little mesh loops is a little tedious. Sometimes I just need to do something with my hands and not my brain.. hehe

 The creativity bug hit me this week and it hasn't been around for a while. Hopefully this will end up as something nice. Even though it is still really hot here, I feel fall in the air.  
Below is what I was doing as I watched the Olympics the other evening. The penguin socks are a couple inches away from the toe and I started another Andrea's shawl. I chose Berroco Ultra Alpaca fine in winter white for the main color of the lace and then a self striping yarn for the body of the shawl.
 And.... Yay I finished something!! This ruffle scarf was knit with Premier Starbella Yarn. The mesh is nice and large and makes a big ruffle although it seems a little dense in the core of the scarf when finished.

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