Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm still here

Yes I'm still here. Believe it or not on New Years eve I was standing out side and started to loose my voice. Well I have been sick on and off since and it has been an effort just to get my self to work and find time for rest in between. But... I have still been knitting. The projects I'm working on right now are.. a hat called Den Arend which I started before Christmas and put it down to finish other projects and then kind of got lost in the pattern.. since then I have found my way and have progressed. Here is a picture of the hat as of today. Next is the Mulitdirectional scarf..(pattern here).. (picture here) I'm knitting this on my new harmony knitting needles. (^_^).
 A few days ago I was looking at some knitting patterns on Esty and I have had my eye on a couple of them and just looking at them again when one of the shop owners was  having a sale and I couldn't resist. The lace leaf cardi was so cute I cast it on the day I received the pattern. Here is my progress on the cardi. I haven't gotten that far yet. I have been switching back and forth from the cardi to the hat. My knitting looks irregular and I think it is the yarn needle combo. The yarn is bamboo wool and I'm using metal needles which are slippery. I like it anyway and I love the pattern. More pictures will follow when I get farther along. 

Oh and here is a happy little fellow.

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