Friday, January 25, 2013

wip progress of the day..

 Little by little the multidiagonal scarf is growing. I never noticed that it almost matches my couch. 
Below are some new yarns for up coming projects. The greenish cotton yarn is for a pretty little vest.. here.. The camera does not want to pick up the true color which is a very bright blue green. Very bright. I'm still not sure about the color.. I'm thinking on it. The yarn was just so pretty. There was also a very light shade of grey that I also liked. I may exchange it.
 More yarn for another Simple Sprinkle infinity scarf. This one will be for a guy. The yarn I purchased yesterday are the five on the bottom. I need one more color. I was hoping for a deep red but there was non in this weight yarn so one of the top three colors will be added. I'm also thinking on this too.
 Last but not least are my little woodsy mitts that I totally messed up. Don't knit projects that call for thinking when you don't feel well. I wanted a mixed pair, one raccoon and one badger. That part was fine but the placement of the badger isn't the same as the raccoon.. and when did I notice this... right now when I took the picture. It is not worth ripping out 2 days of duplicate stitch. It would be less work just to make another one. More on this story later. Anyway I hope to finish the badger face today and sew them up possibly later this evening after work and then start the little dangles.

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Delusional Knitter said...

Very cute mitts! I would just make one of each for the other one and then have two pairs.