Sunday, June 30, 2013

On vacation!!

 This is the reason I haven't blogged in awhile. I was running around getting ready to go on a beautiful vacation with my sister to the Cayman Islands. I was in paradise for 5 days!. It was so lovely that I only knitted about 5 rows while I was there. Most of my knitting was done on the plane ride to and from the islands. All I can say is that this was the most beautiful place I have ever visited. The ocean was so clear and warm, the people so friendly and helpful. We took the public bus everywhere and walked. The only sad part was leaving.... Thank you to my wonderful sister for this out of this world vacation that I will remember forever!!

 Knitting of the week.. I finished one more dishcloth. This might be my last one for now.
 WIPS.. Top to bottom... #28 lace leaf sweater. All the knitting is finished and I'm attaching the sleeves. The sleeves are a bit small so I'm going to add a gusset under the arms. I've done this before and it works out nicely. 
The red sweater is a top down 100% Egyptian cotton. The pattern is called Elisa. You can find it on ravlely. 
The white sweater is a top down bamboo. The pattern is Stephanie Japel's One skein wonder also found on ravelry and craftster. I want to change the edging on this one to a rib lace and have been looking for just the right one to give it a lighter airy look. 

Monday, June 10, 2013

This weeks knitting

 Finished another dish cloth. Summer showers are here again. Every day we have a downpour sometimes with some mega thunder. Today it shook the dishes in the cabinets.
 My lace leaf #28 sweater is off the needles for the second time. The first time the ribbed edging curled in and was too small so I ripped out an inch or so and added some additional increases on the bottom corners which helped. I can't seem to bind off as loosely as I would like with this yarn. It is very slippery. I'm casting on the sleeves in a few and will hopefully finish them in a day or two.
 I started another shrug. Remember the one skein wonder by Stefanie Japel? This is perfect to throw over some sun dresses and tank tops. I'm using some bamboo yarn that has been in my stash forever that didn't work out for the project I had purchased it for. I plan to make it a little bigger than I need so its a little drapy.
 In the near future I'm planning to liquidate some of my yarn and vintage knitting magazines. I will keep you updated when the time comes. (^_^).

Sunday, June 02, 2013

Sunday knitting

 Knitting progress on my lace leaf #28 sweater. Already for the border knitting to begin. 
Another dish cloth completed and I started another today.
 My favorite breakfast right now. MMMM
 I bought this lip balm thinking it was organic and good for my lips but found out it has some kind of plastic base that is not good for my lips.. :(   Back to using burts bees.
 I guess who ever is building these apartments doesn't care that we do get hurricanes here. June 1st started our hurricane season. All that wood!!!