Sunday, April 13, 2014

thrift store = knitting

 Once again I found some goodies at the thrift store. First was this lovely wooden leaf bowl for $4.99. I recently saw one very similar to this in a store for a lot more money.  Below is a picture of three sweaters that will soon be unraveled for yarn. The first one is actually acrylic but it was in excellent condition and only $4.99 in the perfect color. The second sweater is a ramie and cotton blend, again in a beautiful color and the third sweater is a wool, acrylic and alpaca.. very soft and a very neutral color.  I think I will have enough yarn from these three sweaters to keep me knitting all summer.

 What's in my knitting basket now? The cream lace sweater is almost finished with about one inch left to knit on the ribbing and then I just have to bind it off and sew up the back seam. The other project I just started on the bus the other day. This is recycled yarn and I couldn't wait to knit with this. First I love the color and second its so soft and is knitting up like butter... hehe. It took me awhile to decide which pattern I wanted to make. I finally decide on another lace shrug, the HiyaHiya Tulip shrug. (ravelry link).
 Almost finished....
 Is this snow? hehe no, it is little tiny flower petals from the trees at the transit center. There are so many flowering trees in this area. It really is pretty.

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