Tuesday, April 24, 2007

I started knitting The rainy day socks on Sunday..(the pattern is from MagKnits) there was no rain.. just hopeful thinking.. we need some rain in Florida..what do u do when your yarn budget is used up .. but u just have to make these socks for some reason that u are not sure of.. and did I mention that there is a closet full of yarn.. but not the yarn I would have liked to make these socks out of.. so.. I desperately looked for something that would give me gauge.. and I found some abandoned baby yarn.. humm.. well there it is.. sock sacrilege .. acrylic baby yarn.. but I have to say.. they are really soft and cuddly and on size 4 needles.. so they are knitting up really fast.. I wouldn't wear them in shoes but for hanging out on a chilly night watching movies or knitting..(or playing WoW in the middle of the night) I think they will be just right..

I have given this shrug a name... the illicit frog .. I rip more than I knit.. or I knit and then rip.. I realized that I needed another skein of the green alpaca and went to ac moore to pick one up (there had been a big bin of it at the time I bought my skein) of course when I went back a week later.. all of it.. every single skein was gone.. that yarn had been sitting in the store for a couple of months and I thought I was safe in buying it as I needed it.. humm teach me a lesson the hard way.. so now I need another yarn and had to settled on a light tan cotton.. but .. after knitting and ripping and knitting and ripping.. I don't really like it.. so.. there will be more ripping.. and now I might have to hunt down more of the green alpaca.. I have about 100 yards left of the homespun I'm using.. I just need some alpaca.. sigh..(this is starting to look like green poo to me)

That brings me to this poor abandoned shawl.. I need to put it out of it's misery... I make plans to work on it every day.. and some how it doesn't happen.. the illicit frog has been sucking all my knitting time up..

Knitting is like life I suppose.. sometimes it works out and sometimes it goes terribly wrong..

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