Sunday, April 01, 2007

mOre YaRn.. sAy..WhaT..

Lil bitty found a nice warm spot to sit in.. it's getting warmer and warmer every day in Florida ... the summer heat is right around the corner..(time to stock up on some cotton , linen and cooler fiber yarns). I'm hoping to knit some tank tops this spring/summer. I just subscribed to Vogue knitting magazine and instead of getting the spring/summer issue they sent me the winter issue.. duh.. why would I want the winter issue in Florida this time of year.. and they haven't sent me the spring/summer issue yet either.. what's up with's on sale everywhere already.. I want mine too!!

Did I mention that we just happened to be in the area of a LYS yesterday.. and do u remember that I have been on a yarn diet.. cough.. um.. well I don't know how it happened but some how I came home with this..It's a dark grayish brown color.. and I plan to make yet another shrug.. something simple .. something to wear a lot.. something neutral..(man I have to stop buying yarn) but truthfully.. I have wanted this yarn forever.. and ever.. and well I just had to have some.. sigh..

not much going on in my knitting world.. a little progress here and there.. sock #2 is now past the heal shaping and now it's just knitting it to the toe..

I've been working here and there on the border of my scarf shawl... it looks a bit bunched up because I had it in a small bag so I could knit on the go(sad to say I'm not really happy with the strippy look of it ).. well off to do some Sunday family stuff... some knitting and out to dinner.. (^_^)

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