Saturday, April 28, 2007

a WhOLe YeAr HaS gOnE bY....

Wow .. I can't believe a whole year has gone by.. Today is the 1 year anniversary of my blog.. I want to take a minute to say thanks to everyone who takes a peek now and then.. I appreciate all your comments and just the fact that u take a peek every so often tickles me.. as I looked through my blog archives I noticed that I had completed a good amount of projects over this past year.. some I loved and some I didn't love.. but all were good.. I experimented a lot this year and traveled to some gray areas of knitting .. that aren't as gray anymore.. all in all it was a good knitting year.. If u asked me which project are u most proud of.. right now I would have to say it was the shrug I designed using some homespun and other yarns from my stash.. it was a knit/crochet as u go type project..I didn't use a pattern..a first for me.. I choose this as my favorite because I had done something that I have never tried before and in my eyes I was successful .. and it fits.. that's always a plus..hehehe

Moving on to the finished project of the day.. Rainy day socks from Magknits.. I decided to rename mine "sock sacrilege".. I still can't believe I actually knit them with acrylic baby yarn.. sometime I wonder about myself and the things that go through my head at certain times.. scary!! .. well they fit.. that's a plus!!!

Some times a little change is good.. Eve gave me this wonderful superwash merino sock yarn.. now if u have looked at some of my previous projects u will notice that I do like green and make quite a few green projects.. too many green projects.. and this yarn just happens to be green.. (I have even made it clear to myself that I am not allowed to purchase green yarn this year.. at all)
so.... I wanted to brake up the green a little and over dyed it with blue and purple.. there is still a lot of green but just not as much.. I'm kind of excited to see how it will knit up..I'm giving this yarn a new name too.. Tar pit..If u play WoW.. and u have reached lvl 50.. u will have gone to Un' Goro crater to do some quests.. and there u would have had to kill Tar Lords.. the color that the yarn is now reminds me of that area.. all green and lush with big dark tar pools and the leafy looking Tar lords that hide in the pools.. hummm.. maybe I should just take a picture and let u decide.. thanks again for peeking.. (^_^)


m. said...

Happy Blogiversary!! And guess what?? I was at the Fair again today and looked for your crochet shawl and it won 3rd place! Not a total loss. :) I still think your designed stuff should have rocked first place.

Isabel Krueger said...

I love your stuff! It's so dainty and intricate.