Thursday, April 05, 2007


What have u been doing that past few days?... this is what I've been up to.. here is what has become of the pile of sweet pink yarn in a previous post.. It's the beginning of a baby shrug ..

Approximately size 9-12 months.. I just went by the measurements so I'm no sure of the exact size .. but it should fit..( hopefully)
I started with some crochet blocks and added on here and there.. then attached them with some knitting , then more crochet.. then more knitting..and finally a crochet edging to finish it off..I'm thinking it might need a little more around the neck.. and the yarn is still attached to the bottom edge ready for the last row.. so it's not 100% finished yet..

Here is the detail on the bottom of the sleeves.. this is a knit/crochet as u go project.. I didn't use a pattern..(I have been writing down that pattern as it develops) there are also some booties to go with this.. one is knit but not sewn together yet .. the other is on the needles.. hopefully all will be done today.. (^_^)


Amanda said...

adrienne, that is absolutely gorgeous! i love all of the different shades of pink. you always choose the best colors for you projects.

Linda said...

Wow!...that is just beautiful :-)