Friday, May 04, 2007


Here is the beginning of the diamond center shawl(the second shawl in the book Victorian Lace Today). The yarn I'm using is so soft and light.. I'm just loving knitting with it. I'm not sure how the little stripes of color are going to look as it gets bigger, but I have been hording this yarn for about 9 months. So... I think I needed to use it for a special project.. and this is a special project to me. Lace is not easy for me to knit.. there is some kind of miss communication between my brain and what my fingers do for some reason.. so for me knitting lace is very slow and careful ... but very addicting .. I am truly addicted now..

Speaking of hording.. I think I can knit lace for the rest of my life without buying anymore yarn..!!!..All of these cones are fingering weight yarn some.. cotton, alpaca, rayon or nylon..and were horded from my knitting machine days.. geezzzz I just can't get rid of anything ..

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