Thursday, May 10, 2007

No knitting pictures today.. I have made a little progress on the diamond shawl but not much.. not enough for a picture hahaha. I had started another quill lace sock but scrapped it .. I didn't like how the yarn was knitting up. You couldn't see the lace at all.. I'm also working on a shrug and ran out of yarn and went to purchase more and the whole bin was gone.. so I'm hunting down yarn to finish that. I called my LYS and she has some cotton yarn that might just work.. I plan to make a trip there tomorrow.. I hope something will work.. I don't want to scrap that too..

Today I organized some of my patterns and yarns and papers.. I'm about to get rid of a load of yarn I will never use.. although.. I'm still going to horde a good amount of yarn .. If there is the slightest chance I could or would use it.. it stays.. (^_^)

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Brena said...

Are you going to Sip N Knit? I need to drop by there tomorrow too, maybe we'll see each other!