Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I have been working exclusively on my scarf/shawl for the past 2 days and the end is near..!!What helped a bit was watching The Holiday twice.. a cute chick flick..maybe with a glass of wine or 2 ..
There are just 3 repeats left to knit of the edging before the last corner is turned and the grafting.. wow this has taken me a very long time.. that's what happens when I only knit part time on a project. I'm hoping to be able to finish this up today sometime. My bf and I are going to be grouting the tile we installed in his mom's house. I don't know how much time that will leave for knitting. Maybe tomorrow will be blocking day!!! YaY.. hummm .. well.. I don't have blocking wires.. so see lots of pinning in the plan.. I'll be pinning tomorrow..

I don't know about u.. but I'm getting tired of seeing pictures of this shawl.. I promise u will only have to see it on one more post.. I promise haha..

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Brena said...

I can't wait to see it blocked!

I love The Holiday, it makes me cry though. Especially that scene where Kate Winslet is crying to Jack Black... I become a basketcase!