Tuesday, April 22, 2008

the Zetor scarf

It's finished and hot off the needles. I took this picture last night as soon as I finished knitting the last stitch... and here is the pre-blocked picture.. I had to decide whether or not to try and go for 7 pattern repeats of chart 2. There wasn't a lot of yarn left at that point and I didn't know how much yarn the increased size would use up... so I choose to do 6 repeats of chart 2 and to then start the edging chart 3... I had a bit of yarn left over and just continued for a few extra rows of the edging.

I just couldn't wait to block it .. at about midnight I was poking in the last pin.. so when I woke up this morning it was all dry and blocked..and...

so perfectly bright and pretty... I also want to make the MarioBeret to go with it.. I just have to find a good color match..

A little bit of news... KIP = knit in public day will be on June 14th, Saturday this year. If you don't have a place to sit out in public and knit yet.. Needlecraft world in Kissimmee is having their first knit in public day.. so if u live in this part of the world come out and join us.. I plan to be there with my many projects ..... Just a reminder.. there is a knitting group meeting there every Saturday night from 5pm to 9pm.. We will be starting a yahoo group as soon as we can decide on a good name..any suggestions ??.. (^_^)


Alice said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Brena said...

That turned out beautifully! It looks like the perfect length to me. I think a dark blue beret would look nice with it.

Mica said...

Beautiful, I love the colors.
I definitely want to knit something lace for my next project.