Monday, May 12, 2008

soMe finished wips!!

My newest project is the crochet childs top from lion brand yarn..this is moving along pretty quickly.. I'm crocheting it with the Lion brand microspun.. not my favorite yarn because it splits very easily.. the finished result is very soft with a nice drape quality.. soft enough for a 2 year old.. (^_^)

Most recent finished project are the silk lace booties.. wow.. silk is such a nice fiber for baby stuff.. well maybe booties.. it is hand washable only.. but it's so soft and... silky..

This is the reading in bed shrug..(pdf).. I finished this a few days ago.. for this I used Plymouth yarns Shire Silk.. its very light and airy... I made this as a sample for a shop and will be delivering it I want to make one for myself.. I need to pick something from my stash.. so I'll be digging through that in a few.. I might not emerge for a while.. 0.0 ...

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