Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Another knitted bracelet knit with gold 26 gauge wire and assorted pink glass beads.. with a pretty clasp..
I actually took a little break from knitting this past week.. I started a few projects and ended up ripping them all out.. then I didn't work on anything really for a few day..I guess thats called the knitting slump..

I want to thank u all for the happy birthday wishes.. I had a very nice birthday and a yummy birthday cake..(no picture because we ate it already!!!..) even though I had to work..
A lovely present from my daughter... a ravelry tee-shirt!!! I will wear it proudly... (^_^)

I bet u were wondering what happened to these socks.. I've been knitting about one to two rows a day.. and I have finally reached the point of making the toes... they are to be flip flop socks.. only time will tell how they will turn out..I was unsure of the length and last night at NYGK megaknits helped me out with that.. so onward toes..!!!

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