Tuesday, March 03, 2009

bitten by firefly..!!

Something new in the making.. my attempt at the Jayne Cobb hat from the series Firefly... just to let you know .. there are over 20 patterns to knit this hat and the knockoff version is on sale everywhere... who knew it was so popular..!! I tried to make it with scraps from the stash but the colors are just a little off... so that means a trip to Michaels today for better colors.. This hat wont go to waste.. more on that later..

Brit finally had a minute to model the cropped turtleneck.. a perfect fit in my opinion.. This sweater is fast and fun to knit and I would definitely knit it again. I love the textures.. The only mods I made were .. shortening the neck a little ( I didn't knit the full 8 inches) and knitting the sleeves in the round instead of flat . I have worked with this yarn before and it can make a pretty big seam no matter how careful you are.. you can see it on ravelry..(^_^)


Bonnie said...

The pink cropped turtleneck is perfect!

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...