Thursday, March 05, 2009

yellow orange and red .. omy

In the last couple of years my income is about half of what it used to be.. I'm not alone when I say this.. anyway.. it has forced me to stay at home more and basically just go out to work and the grocery store and a knit/crochet group close to where I work... I do happen to work at 2 fun jobs though.. at one job I'm surrounded by a sea of shoes and purses and at the other .. a store full of crafts..yes this includes yarn and knitting books... I have always enjoyed staying home and being crafty anyway.. so.. I had a couple days off and besides going to my knitting group.. I've been trying to knit as many hats as I can with the yarn I purchased for the Jayne Cobb hat.(I love these colors.. so bright and happy) These hats are pretty fast to knit and I do not need any more left over balls of yarn to add to the pile that is already taking over my closet from finished projects in the past.. so here is my progress for the last 2 days.. I hope to finish one more hat before heading out to work today..
A messy knitting basket..

Almost and 1/2 ear flaps to go..

Two down.(minus the pompoms). working on the next one...

I squeezed in a little beading.. and made some pretty spring stitch markers and a scissor fob.


Yuliana said...

ove the hats....very spring color..
and the beads too.
I always want to try beading...but sadly I'm not that creative :(

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Beading really isn't that hard. It's finishing the ends off that gives me a hard time.