Sunday, January 10, 2010

distaff day

Yesterday was the annual Distaff Day in Orlando. It was a fun afternoon of knitters and spinners gathered together. There was beautiful fiber, wonderful show and tell, a grab bag of yarnie gifts and just a lot of fun. I picked up these cuties there. A one yard knitty knotty and a shawl pin for heavier shawls and sweaters. I worked on my almost monkey socks which are now closer to the toe and spun about 1/2 of my bunny batts. All in all a great day.


Bonnie said...

Sounds like a very fun day. The socks are looking great!

Nana Mary said...

Sorry I missed it. I had such a great time last year. Were there any other people from NYGK there?

Your socks are beautiful as well. This is the year that I make a pair of socks I have promised myself.

Miss you!

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

I didn't see any familiar faces there beside Jody and Elaine and some ladies that attended last year.