Wednesday, January 06, 2010

pretty little socks

My first machine knit socks!! I was so excited to learn how to knit them on the machine. These are knit toe up and a standard gauge machine. I knit them on one bed and seamed them up the side using a kind of chain stitch using a loose stitch on the edge of the socks. I also had to graft the toes. This is the pattern . These were my learning socks so they aren't perfect. But now I have the technique down and can't wait to make more. Just in time for the extra cold weather we are having in Florida right now. Wool socks are saving my little cold feet. I think I dragged all the cold weather down we me from Iowa.

I just ordered these fluffy little batts from from sdspin shop. They are called bunny batts. The core layer is angora bunny fur. Man I can't wait to have time to spin these. I think I'll start them on Distaff day. It's a local gathering of spinners and knitters in the Central Florida area. I'm really looking forward to going.. (^_^)