Saturday, June 12, 2010

the everlasting unfinished cardi

OK.. is there a limit to how many times you should rip out on one project. I think this project wins for the most I have ever ripped out on one project. The cap sleeve is just not working probably due to the fact that I had to add some extra rows to the length. I tried using the directions.. ripping that out... then adding a few stitches here and there.. ripping that out... filling in areas of the sleeve with double treble which looked a lot better but still did not look right. Now I'm thinking of just remaking the sleeves.. somehow. At this point I'm a bit tired of working on this project but it is so close to being finished that I want to finish it. Everyday I say yay today I will finish this sweater and then... rip rip.. sigh...

To take a break from the unfinishable sweater I started spinning the roving I bought in New Mexico at Fiber Chicks. It's called New Mexico Sunset. I like that because now as I spin it and eventually use the yarn I will remember my time spent with my Dad and family in New Mexico.. (^_^)

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