Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sugar in progress.

My progress with Sugar. I am now up to 16". This is where I need to be to start the first armhole. This is what I have done to date. If you have checked out the pattern it is in Spanish. My Spanish if very limited so I used the google translating tool and entered the URL into the space and translated from Spanish to English. It's not perfect but it works. So now I will work dc , sk1, ch 1 for 4 inches which equaled 10 dc and 10 spaces (not counting turning chain) then chain 18 and and skip ti the 18th dc (not counting the turning chain) and dc in the 18th dc. Now I continue in pattern stitch for 18 inches from the armhole across back and will repeat one more armhole. So off I go to crochet and relax on my day off. I'll blog again when I get to the last front panel. (^_^)

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