Friday, July 30, 2010

a distraction..!!

Ok... I was happily working on the entrelac baby blanket and decided I needed a little black shrug to wear over some pretty tank tops. This could only take a day or 2 to crochet. It's so little. So I bought some of what is becoming my favorite thread to crochet with , this time in black. The body of the shrug worked up really fast just as I thought it would. I use the One skein wonder formula from Stefanie Japels' one skein wonder shrug, except I'm crocheting instead of knitting. Basically it's an upside down raglan in crochet. Now all I have to do is decide on an edging to work around all the edges to finish it off... how long could that take.. well I am now 5 days into this shrug and still trying to decide what stitch should I use to finish it off.. I tried a double crochet and didn't like that or the single crochet. Now I'm checking out some knitted rib stitches and think I might like to use knitting to finish it off. Hopefully some time today I will make up my mind. To crochet the body of the shrug I used a size G hook so I'm thinking about a size 4 knitting needle for the edging. For this I will have to make a little swatch to make sure the cotton thread doesn't look to loose. Well here I go.. (^_^)

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