Tuesday, July 27, 2010

new projects..

Last week I was pretty sick. It took 4 days of antibiotics before I started to feel better and now I almost feel like myself again. Today I have a day off from work and I plan to do as much resting as possible in between some light house cleaning and some laundry. While I was sick I started this entrelac baby blanket. They yarn is Bernat soy blend. The yarn is very slippery and soft and I'm not sure it's the best choice for this blanket. I probably should have gone down a needle size. The blanket is for my daughter and I let her decide if I should start over with different yarn because I didn't think it was knitting up pretty, but she likes the yarn and said if I used something else it wouldn't be as soft. So even though I don't like how the yarn is working up on these needles and in this pattern I'm going to finish it. A few years back I has taught my daughter how to crochet because she wanted to make a scarf. She picked it up pretty fast. She never did finish the scarf but one of her friends got pregnant and she wanted to crochet some booties. She struggled through but finished the booties and her friend loved them. Now she is expecting baby #2 and wanted to crochet a blanket for her baby. She picked a ripple pattern and is using left over yarn from many other projects. I just happens to all be Vanna's choice. I think she is doing a beautiful job on her first baby blanket. I will be posting both projects as we work on them. (^_^)

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