Tuesday, July 13, 2010

to market to market..

Another market bag is in the works. This is knitting up pretty fast. I knit most of this late afternoon though the evening. The pattern is, It's not easy being green. (ravelry link) The yarn is Lily sugar'n cream stripes and solid white. The pattern is all knitted but I changed the top and handles to crochet by following the knit directions and just doing the same amount of stitches in single crochet and then picking up one stitch in each sc and slipping it on my knitting needle for the body of the bag. I think the crochet handles are little more substantial than the thin knit handles. I also went up a needle size after a few rows. Right now I'm up to the decreases at the bottom.. the home stretch.. I want to finish this asap because tonight is FFxiv beta. I was a lucky one to get an invite to be a beta tester for new Final Fantasy 14 and I actually don't have to work tonight. (^_^)

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