Saturday, September 25, 2010

getting there.. and finally!!

 Most of the baby knitting is finished. The baby block blanket, 2 diaper covers, matching hat, owlie sleep sack and matching hat and handspun angora baby booties. There is a sweater and baby socks on the list still to be knit and then it's on to holiday knitting.
 It has finally arrived!! Final Fantasy 14. If you didn't know I've been a beta tester for the game for a few months. Most of the time it was rather frustrating because the software was incomplete and laggy and just would disconnect at the worst times. Little by little it would be fixed as the beta testers would post there comments on the game play.. basically we would whine about everything that didn't work and ask for things that we would expect a game like this to have. It was fun. Well the game is released now and I would like to get past level 16 and see other parts of the game finally. I think it was a rushed release and they are still fixing stuff but all in all its a beautiful game with beautiful graphics and music. 

When I finished the baby booties the other night I hadn't picked out the baby sweater I wanted to knit yet so whipped up a Turn a Square hat for my son. I think he will like the colors and the fact that it's an over sized version. He likes big hats . This is such a fast knit I might make one for all the men in my life. (^_^)

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