Thursday, September 30, 2010

wips on 9/30

 Autumn is in the air, yes even in sunny Florida. Our temps are finally going down a little. For some reason I get energized this time of year and dive head first into projects. In the above picture I dyed some blue face leisester with wilton icing colors and then mixed it with natural fleece at about 50% and then added lots of bamboo nibs which ended up to be a pretty lavender molted effect. Thinking to take a different path I tried to spin it as a thick single, maybe a medium thickness, which I did. I liked the result which was lavender and white with little bamboo nibs popping out here and there and then to finish it off I plied it with a comercial yarn. I ended up with a nice surprise.
 At the Florida Fiber in I purchased a bit of fiber and was saving it for a rainy day, but my daughter had to go to the store and I offered to watch Jayden for her. He is very attached to his mom right now and to distract him I asked him if he would like to make batts with me. Of course he did all tears dry up and we blended these 3 pretty batts. Stary Night, Camp Fire and Blue water. You will find these in my esty shop in a day or so along with a few other surprises. 
And finally.. yes.. I turned the square. This hat is the first of my holiday knitting to be finished. I better get going a little faster!!


Jackie said...

Where is the fiber fair. Is is near Kissimmee? I hope to be done there sometime in November/Dec.
Our house is in Orange Gardens.
Is there a knitting shop nearby. The only thing I have found was Joanne and Michaels. I did join the meetup group but have not been down there to enjoy it.

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

The Fiber-in was in Orlando about 35 minutes from where I live.They have also decided to host it in Orlando every year. The closest yarn shop would be in Maitland. That is just north of Orlando. I always use google maps and find your location and then use the "near by search" to find shops and restaurants.

Nana Mary said...

I love the lavender blend with the bamboo! Looks like the beautiful soaps my friend Debbie just sent to me. You are so creative.

I also love the hat you have finished for Christmas giving. I am still on my baby gifts so I am not sure if Christmas knitting is even going to happen! I have started my first pair of socks for Socktoberfest...only 3 years since Jodi gave me my first skein of sock yarn, but I am on it. More on this will be posted tonight to my blog!