Monday, September 13, 2010

New projects weeeee

 Piling up on the baby knits. I started the Owlie baby sleep sack the other day and then realized I didn't read the pattern right again and  had to rip out 3 rows which wasn't too bad.
At my knitting group I got excited when Adelle pulled out  a cro-hook and was working on a scarf. I had never seen cro-hooking before. She gave me a little demo of how it was done and I looked up some patterns online. Just to try it out I started a dishcloth. (making a dishcloth is always a good way to try something new) I think I'm hooked.  What fun. It's part like knitting and part like crochet and the end result is a double sided fabric. I also just happened to have a cro-hook at home. I think I bought one when it was on sale at walmart.. who can pass up a sale even though I had no idea why you would need a hook on each end. I also lucked out on the yarn which was on sale at Joanns for $4.97 for 608 yards!! This will make many many dishcloths. If you haven't tried cro-hooking give it a try.

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