Tuesday, June 14, 2011

ew..time to rip..

My anthropoligie capelet # 2 is all finished. I added a wide crochet button closure at the neck and a large crochet button. The lace edging is called quill eyelet lace and is very similar to razor lace. If you like this edging it is from Knitting on the edge by Nicky Epstein. This capelet is for my daughter's birthday which passed already so I need to get it in the mail asap.

I started a new project last night and I think I'm going to scrap it. I know that it's not blocked and projects tend to look a lot different after they are blocked, but with every row I just keep thinking .. this just doesn't look very nice. I don't know if it is because of the thick and thin nature of the yarn or my knitting is crappy or maybe both. As fun as this is to knit I'm afraid to go any farther. This pattern is Coquille from Knitty fall 2010 and I have looked at others on ravelry knit with noro sekku that looked really nice. Guess I'll have to decide what to do.

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