Tuesday, October 11, 2011

knit'in for the kiddies!!

 Progress for the week. Yes I did get the Brobee hoodie finished. Well all the knitting is finished. I just have to go and purchase a separating zipper and sew the little red points on. I tried it on Micah and was happy that it is a good fit. 
Next in line is a Batman hat for Jayden. I started this one a while ago and picked it up again. Jayden is 4 years old and loves superheros. He picked out this Batman hat. He also loves angry birds and gets higher scores than everyone else in the house so I asked him if he wanted an angry bird hat but he choose Batman instead. This is an intarsia design, which I'm not fond of. I used to do a lot of intarsia knitting back in the day but like I said I'm not very fond of it so I decided to do the bat in duplicate stitch. Hopefully that will turn out well.
 The last picture is of my next project to hit the needles. This is a fast knit, which for me is about 2 days if I really sit and work on it. This will be for Abby. She can wear this over a heavy sweater or her coat if it gets too cold this winter. Abby is now 5 years old and just started kindergarten. The family also just moved from Syracuse to New Jersey so winter for them will not be so harsh this year. I am also crocheting Abby a little cat scarf in an off white which will go nice with her new pink coat.
Abby, Cam and Jayden... hehe


Anonymous said...

<3 the Brobee Hoodie! He's my favorite Yo Gabba Gabba character.

adrienne *+*(^_^) +*+ said...

Micah loves him too!! thanks