Wednesday, October 05, 2011

October Fest!!

 I haven't posted in a while because there wasn't much to show you. I kept thinking I'll have more progress tomorrow.. well many tomorrows after I have completed the sleeves and started on the hood yesterday. I had to stop last night because I needed to size up the hood to make sure it was going to fit and Micah was already asleep. So for a few minutes before going to sleep myself started working on the little points that go on the top of the hood. As you can see I made my stripes a little smaller but this is going on a small person so it should look ok. I keep telling myself that anyway. Brit says that she would like a zipper instead of the buttons that this pattern calls for so I'm thinking I might make a crochet edging instead of the knitted edging which would make it easier to sew in a zipper.
 Most Fridays we go to wholefoods to shop and eat. This Friday there was a nice surprise. They were having an October fest. There were 20 beers to sample and a polka band. I just love the accordion.
 After shopping we headed over to Lake Lily to view Art under the stars. This was a judged show with 150 artist.. snacks and wine.. this was a wonderfully cool evening.. one of the first cooler evenings here in Florida and we totally enjoyed ourselves. Good thing because the day after I started feeling sick and am recuperating now. It seems I got a sinus infection from the kiddies.

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