Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas eve

 I think this is just about finished. I has taken me the longest of all my projects. Probably because I was working on this in between all my other projects. I just needs about 2" of ribbing and it will be complete. There is always knitting on Christmas Eve. It's a tradition haha.
 My little Needle Gnome is complete and has already been given away. These were so easy and so cute I think you will be seeing a lot more of these in the future. I made it for the shorter wooden needles. I think I need one of these too. I saw these on ravelry but for small double pointed needles and I had wanted to make it as a gift but it calls for fingering yarn and all the fingering yarn I have is for socks and washable. The only felting yarn I had in my stash was worsted weight yarn. So I made it bigger and I made it on my knitting machine .. faster.
 More quick knitting machine gifts. These little cup holders went to my managers at work. I still have one more to make.
 The gifts are already arriving. Maybe this one fell off Santa's sleigh. We are going to have pancakes for Christmas breakfast!! I leave off with saying I wish you all a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas day full of all things wonderful. Off to finish some quick last minute gifts to be wrapped up tonight and slipped under the tree. (^_^)

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